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I woke up this morning at 5:45am and went out to my living room at 6:15am. It's normally completely pitch black dark on the way to my front where I use the light from my iPhone to light the hallway. But, this morning, one of the lights near the front door was on. It's a good thing it was on, because I would have completely walked past and not noticed this.

On the back of the couch was two red roses and a note with my name on it. Now, if this was a normal occurrence, I probably wouldn't have immediately thought "Oh my gosh!! Today is the day!!", but I haven't ever woken up to roses in my living my next thought was "Eek!! I look awful. I need to change!"

And so starts another Tuesday...
But this morning is already different than most.
Perhaps by the setting of the sun....
It will be a day that you never forget.


I was excited, freaking out, trying to keep quiet all at the same time. I was SO thankful that Emily was about to arrive at my house, as I was taking her to the airport. I calmly walked out to her car as she parked it on the street, told her that she had to come inside and see something....and when she got inside, she had to keep quiet and not freak out too. We hugged and jumped up and down a few times, and started to predict out how the regular Tuesday would end. I knew, I think that was Brett's intention, but I refused to jump to any conclusions.